Welcome to the LECOM Bradenton PBL exam topics submission website. On this site, you will submit topics in which you wish to be examined. Please remember to work hard and dedicate yourselves to understanding ALL the underlyng basic science mechanisms in each PBL case - this is the secret to success in PBL. Also, feel free to have a little fun while learning.
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Please choose one member from your PBL group to submit those items studied during each case that your group will be responsible for on the exam (exam topics). Your logon password is confidential within your group, and sharing it with another group member will be considered an honor code violation.

Exam topics are due immediately at the end of each case. Exam topics submitted after this deadline are tardy and subject to being assigned.

Upon completion of this form, each group member will receive an e-mail copy of the exam topics submitted. If you did not receive this copy, have objection to the submitted topics, or have technical difficulties during submission, please contact the administrator below.

Santiago Lorenzo, Ph.D.
Director of Problem-Based Learning
Director of Student Assessment & Test Management


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